Mobile Software Development: Mobilise Your Business

Our team of skillful developers has delivered hundreds of successful software applications.

Our expertise in developing bespoke mobile solutions includes development of a wide range of management and accounting systems, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps.

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Advantages of Mobile Software Development

The mobile app market has been growing fast and is expected to account for more than $60 billion by 2018, as more and more businesses see mobile apps as a valuable tool to reach out to customers, boost sales and increase productivity. However, finding the right app development company that will deliver a first-class product that fits into your business may be a difficult challenge. Our application development agency can boast many years of experience in building high-quality mobile software and provides you with such services as project planning, software implementation and post-launch support of our bespoke enterprise solutions.

Expert App Development Team

For many years our mobile software development company has been building enterprise mobile solutions for different industries including entertainment, retail, transportation and more. We have a deep understanding of what makes good corporate software programs and consumer applications and can translate our expertise into your project. Our enthusiastic and experienced developers deliver user-friendly, efficient and secure mobile software development that meets your requirements and adds value to your business, providing your customers with a seamless user experience.

Our Expertise

You can rely on our experts in the following areas of software development:
  • iOS application development. Take advantage of our talented iOS app developers to create an outstanding enterprise solution, efficient productivity tool or a breathtaking game for iPhone and iPad.
  • Android software development. Build visually stunning and user-friendly apps for Android that automate business processes, appeal to customers and promote your brand.
  • Cross-platform development. Save money on native app development and expensive maintenance with a cross-platform solution that can run on iOS, Android and other leading platforms.

Advantages of API-integration

What is API?

When developing a new application, our programmers use APIs to facilitate the process and ensure high-quality results. API stands for application programming interface, in other words, it is a way for developers to communicate with an app. It is a collection of definitions, tools and protocols used to build the program. API production has many advantages and enables you to easily communicate with the owners of the system to ensure updates and error fixing, as well as to unlock its full potential. Here is the list of benefits that APIs provide to your business.


API access allows you to create content and automatically publish it to many distribution channels at once. It ensures that your company’s content is shared easily on a wide range of web sources of your choice, making you visible to many customers.

Larger audience

APIs allow anyone to design a new presentational layer, for instance, a mobile application, a website or a tool and therefore can be used to distribute information and services in particular contexts to offer bespoke user experiences. Internet users who do not access your website or app directly can get information about your business from other sources like social networks, websites they visit or mobile applications they download.

Open data and Automation

APIs make data that has been previously available only to a small group of developers open to the general public. APIs make machines deal with routine operations that otherwise are handled by your employees manually. For example, it can send a content update to different web pages or multiple websites at once. But that is just a small example - APIs allow your employees to program APIs to automate and optimise many tasks so that they are completed faster and with fewer steps.

Mobile applications

Opening API access to a service or information makes it possible to use this info in a mobile application. Whether you need to support an app created by in-house developers or third-party experts, you just have to open the access to the I components that you will need for developing the app, which will ensure a great flexibility for the delivery of information and services. This is especially convenient if you wish to create more than a single application - the API is a kind of a shortcut for integration different online solutions within one network.

Partnership with other developers

API allows you to open the information about your software to like-minded businesses and organisation who will use to create new innovative products or take advantage of the APIs of other developers yourself. Consuming and repurposing the technologies of other players on the market makes it possible to easily build new quality software on the basis of time-proven technologies. This can also boost innovation because it enables anyone to develop a new product that may become the next big hit.

Easy integration

APIs make it much easier to create a constellation of interconnected applications or websites with similar content. They guarantee a seamless user experience and relevant, up-to-date content across all the online platforms. The content is instantly published on the platforms of your choice, without the need to upload the information on every single website and app.


APIs give your customers an opportunity to personalise the content through various settings and filters in a way that is the most convenient to them.


In an ever-changing digital environment, where new technologies are being introduced every day, it is crucial for your software to have a capacity for future updates and modifications. Opening access to your data via API is a great chance to facilitate data migration and make app maintenance easier and faster. APIs offer more flexibility in providing services.

Mobile Consulting

Our mobile software development firm can tackle all kind of project from simple apps to elaborate systems for clients of all sizes, whether you are a small local business or a large international enterprise. Our team of talented experts carries out a thoughtful investigation of your business to determine all your needs and demands. IF you are not familiar with the internet technologies and do not know what features you want your app to have, we will always help you make the right decision and explain every step me take during the process.
Enterprise Software Solutions

Our mobile development experts can integrate your app with any existing software used by your employees enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management tools, business intelligence services and enterprise content management platforms. We never withdraw after we have delivered the end product - we ensure continuous support and maintenance for our products,regularly updating and optimising them to keep up with the ever-changing business environment.

App Development and Implementation

Our mobile development team has expertise in creating both simple and highly sophisticated mobile applications and are proficient in every aspect of software development, including the following:

  • User interface and user experience design
  • Mobile software development
  • Software implementation
  • Data security
  • App integration
  • Post-launch support

Applications and Platforms

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Native apps and Cross-platform Solutions
IOS and Android Development

Our extensive background in creating both native and cross-platform mobile applications will help us determine what kind of app is suitable for your business needs. In modern-day liberal working environment, it is a common practice that employees use their personal devices for work tasks, that is why you have to be sure that your enterprise software is secure to prevent any leaks of valuable corporate data.

Our mobile software development company is skilled in app development for iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems. With iOS you can be confident that your corporate data will be absolutely secure, as iOS is largely considered to be the safest mobile platform. Meanwhile, Android will allow your app to be installed on the largest amount of devices, as it is the leading platform running most smartphones and tablets in the world.