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How to create mobile apps

You have a wonderful concept that is unimaginable and you are thinking of how to bring it to life and achieve all the income capabilities.

There may be people trying to create apps themself, but realists will tell you that the threat is too great. Of course, there are dozens of building programs available even for free, but software development requires not only perfect programming skills, but also excellent skills in planning, design and marketing.

As a result, it is not easy to manage everything.

Our company has extensive experience in software development, and we will help you from planning to design, launch and marketing at all stages.


In addition to any technology, take the pen and paper and describe the things you want to do. The starting point of development is actually a strategy, it is not a complicated coding and design. Please solve the following questions:

  • What do you particularly want in the program?
  • Is there any way to make it attractive to customers?
  • What kind of problem is solved?
  • How do you simplify your life?
  • How to advertise the product?

One is not written correctly and does not survive in business without setting goals accurately. The lack of plan and foresight will frustrate the project from the beginning. If you already have doubts in this initial stage, please trust the experts. Our experts will help you research your industry, identify problems and opportunities, and define specific objectives to accurately create what you need.

Now you must create the appearance of the product using the answers defined in the previous step. It is then when you convert an idea clearly expressed in a visual representation of thought. We will decide if you offer commercials to present the product and produce money, or to offer a paid download. You can also choose the option to offer purchases in the app. If this is what you are going to do, do not forget to design with sketches.

When we work with professional developers like us, the designers visualize projects, propose various ways and show that the images belong to the products until they have confidence.

Let's study the conceptual competence more deeply as the idea becomes a little more shape. Of course, we believe that you have an original concept, but I still have the opportunity for someone to have tried it.

If the analog already exists, there are two ways to handle it:

  • Give up
  • Look at the competition and make a better concept

We will never give up and we can make this product truly superior to avoid rivals. We will study thoroughly the evaluation of the opposition. What are your likes and dislikes for these apps? And our experts will use these facts for your benefit and adjust and regulate the concept accordingly.

After analyzing and making changes, the project needs to change its focus slightly. It's time to use the power of the Internet. Is your app a viable concept? It is also important to consider copyright restrictions and technical suspensions feasible here. This step is mandatory because you can save on long-term expenses. We will help our clients not to spend huge amounts of time and money on things that go wrong. Instead, we will create the best solution that will be the most efficient tool in the long term.

Let's start by testing the function using the storyboard.

Using wireframes, you need to delineate the server, the API and the data diagram. If that is difficult, we will use a means to help create and backup the backend program and collect data about the use of the program. Regardless of how you create the app, it is essential that clear figures are created to guide all the people working on the project.

This is the time to call the army. Show the demonstration to friends, relatives and anyone who provides constructive comments. Do not waste your time with people saying "Wow, that's great". Please try to find these people and sarcastic critics. Cruel honesty is essential in this phase.

With the users in mind, try to observe your own ideas, not yours. This is the way we always do when we create and test software for clients.

The objective of this stage is to complete the structure and the base. In this step, you should start working with designs that include designs that require specific skills and experience and avoid frustration later in the process after app brains. By working with us, you can do all this without worrying about the experts.

Once the base is ready, you can create the app by putting the puzzles together. First, developers configure servers, databases and APIs to reflect the comments received from the evaluators. It is important to change the function to reflect the changes made in its entirety based on the initial stage of the test.

At this point, it's time to sign up at the app store. You must create an account in the Apple or Google games so you can access the market. Since it may take several days to continue the process, do not delay this procedure. In collaboration with you, the development company follows this procedure thoroughly and there is no need to worry about it.

If you plan to be involved in the development process, you will need to use the designer to create a user interface.

The user interface is an important part of the software because it interests you how it looks and how it feels to navigate. In the design process, taking into account the comments of the evaluators, you must ensure that your comments are reflected in the design and navigation.

Fortunately, our team includes not only programmers but also specialists such as designers, evaluators, project managers, marketing consultants, so we are ready to create apps from scratch. Our designers are very aware of the latest trends, follow the main guidelines of the design platform, add creativity and exquisite taste, and create perfect products that adapt to the needs of users.

The second round of testing is essential. In this round, you must test both the operating program and the user interface. All screens in the app should work correctly and be visually appealing.

Our software development company runs a series of tests in full to ensure that both the appearance and the feeling meet the expectations of the client and the user.

You took a prototype to turn and, however, discovered that some adjustments will be made. As you saw how your app is working, you should call the troops and ask them to do the same.

The same user who saw the program in the development stage should look for it in the test stage. Once again, it is important to open yourself to constructive criticism and use comments in a reasonable manner. Finally, developers and designers make valuable changes to the product.

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Stage 11: Beta test
Stage 12: Launch the app
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Finally, we were able to create a product that works perfectly, is aesthetically pleasing and solves problems. Well, we have to discover how the program works in the real environment.

Android makes this process easier, but iOS loves to keep problems in a controllable environment. You can add program files to your Android device and try them.

On iOS, you should use a platform like Testflight for beta testing. Apple is quite complete with guidelines and commands to use that platform.

The developers have already done thousands of this procedure, relying on the experience, the products created with us can receive the appropriate tests to meet the most demanding requirements.

Finally, I practiced this concept. The rest of the steps is to share it with your audience.

Android and iOS are about advertising apps. If you stay in this business, there is a possibility that patterns may arise. Android is not something strict.

You can upload the program to the Android store. It will not be reviewed properly. Promote your app instantly on Google Play. IOS also reviews before launching the product. There may not be a scheduled schedule for the Apple team to check the app, but it can wait for about a week.

You must remember the fact that you must continue to advertise the product. The fact that an app is in the store does not imply that hundreds of thousands of people are made the next day.

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This is just a quick review of the development process from concept to launch. In addition, you must consider software maintenance after startup. As you can see, this effort requires a lot of time, effort and experience. If you need to create a perfect product can bring benefits, you have time to hire a professional software development company.

  • Follow-up history. Our software development agency cooperates with all types of businesses, from start-up to world-famous brands.
  • Good execution of the project. Many of our clients are with us for maintenance after the launch and return of new projects.
  • Transparency. Programmers provide independent code reviews, so you can verify the quality of the software. We keep track of everything the team does and make it the center of the creation process.
  • Great experience. Our development company has approximately ten years of experience in all fields of the IT industry.
  • Professional team. We choose personnel from a large number of talented developers from all over the world.
  • Cultural and geographical proximity. The headquarters and development center of Sydney are located in convenient time zones.
  • Affordable price. Developers can offer the best solution within their budget and provide a transparent pricing model.

The era of high technology is here, there are no more doubts. Hurry up, address to our dedicated developers and bring all sophisticated ideas to live with a brilliant application.

Contact the customer service department now and start collaboration about your digital project today.