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Application Type - Develop the application

A mobile program is usually a stand-alone system to add existing operation and simplify all working methods in use. Take one of today's modern smartphones. All of which are running with a powerful web browser, which means you can create something that can basically be created for a desktop.

Often, when our company's customers talk about apps, they often mean mobile programs that run on portable devices, such as smart phones or tablets. There is a multitude of programs available in many various categories. Some of them are used for easy communication and entertainment, but some are used in conjunction with other media tools.

For example, the site may have a set of mobile device tools that allow communication between mobile phones and websites to synchronize data using the Internet.


The mobile app is far from the integrated software system that is usually found on the PC. In contrast, each program offers limited, isolated resources such as games, calculators, or mobile Internet access. Although due to limited hardware capabilities for initial mobile devices, apps sometimes avoid multitasking, their specific details are now a desirable part because they allow user to choose the way they want to use ut. C-based programs connect them to mobile devices. As advanced products become more robust, this approach is a bit lacking.

Our application development agency engage in more sophisticated approaches, including creating a mobile environment and leveraging its limitations and advantages. For example, given that you do not have the same conceptual location on your PC, applications that use features like location-based are built on the mobile platform.

There are several types of apps:

  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Web

Native apps are designed to be used on specific platforms or devices. Local apps are smartphone programs coded in programming languages, such as Objective-C for Java or iOS for Android.

Our local development procedures ensure fast operation and high reliability. They also have access to different features of the phone, such as cameras and contacts. In addition, users can use certain programs without an Internet connection. The local program can only be a "native" mobile operating system: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, WebOS Symbian, and so on. Most video games are local apps.

Our software agency have extensive experience in developing complex native apps. Although, our services include not only a native platform product, but also a variety of other options:

  • Mixed app: This type has handy cross-platform compatibility, but can also access the phone's hardware. It is the use of the smart development of the platform Mosync, Sencha, and PhoneGap.
  • Dedicated web app: sites that cut features on mobile devices. They are cut on one platform and can not work on other smartphones or phones with extended functionality.
  • Universal mobile: a mobile site for use with all smartphones.

In the early stages of the smartphone market, most applications have been hacked into the iPhone. However, based on the Android phone market share is so great, cross-platform function is essential.

Hybrid apps are similar to native apps, and they work on devices and are built using Web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS). The hybrid app runs on the native container and uses the device browser (not the browser) engine to provide HTML and handle JavaScript locally. Web pages for the native abstraction layer can access gadgets that are not available in mobile Web apps, such as cameras, accelerometers, and local storage.

  • In determining, the mixture is received from a heterogeneous source or consists of elements of different or non-corresponding types. The mixing program uses the same technology as the mobile Internet site and implements the same technology and works in the device container itself.
  • Mixed software is also popular because it enables cross-platform development: the same HTML code compounds can be used on a variety of operating systems, significantly reducing development costs. The Sencha Touch and PhoneGap tools allow developers to use powerful and cross-coding HTML design and coding.

Our development team provides services created by zero-based mixed apps or existing web pages. This gives you the opportunity to get business in the digital store and get new audiences for the growing business.

Web apps are stored on a remote server and transmitted through a browser. Web programs are not really apps, they are in many ways that look like local apps to websites. They are handled by the browser, usually written in HTML5. The user first accesses them like any of your pages: they navigate to a URL and then select "install" them on your home screen to create the page tab.

In contrast, web app are software that uses technologies such as JavaScript or HTML5 to provide interactive, navigation, or configuration possibilities. These programs work in your device's web browser. This means that they are delivered on the Internet as needed, there are separate programs that are stored on the user's mobile device. When HTML5 appears, web app development becomes popular, and people understand that they can get native functionality in the browser.

Today, when more web resources use HTML5, the difference between web app and normal web pages becomes blurred. Our development agency can create programs through almost any smart mobile Internet browser such as iPhone and Android phones.

iOS vs Android: which platform to create first?

In the last five years, "the first platform to create a program" is very popular. Although the ideology or timing of the war title platform can be made, but for our creative agency clients, we still need to answer that specific question.

For example, large media companies have different audiences and more features than a young start-up company. And these two factors - the public and the budget - can define the choice of platform. While at the same time, the app could have a function that can only be supported by a platform, so the choice will be obvious.

The general advice of our agency is the iOS platform. The reason is usually through population, market position and speed to stimulate. Moreover, in the first stage of any development, there must be a basic knowledge of what effective knowledge is, and this does not work. Trying to apply all of these searches through the development of these two platforms - especially in Android - is more time-consuming and costly.

So especially - depends on the amount of capital raised - most new start-ups start today from iOS and then move on to Android.

If your target audience focuses directly on Android, especially in certain segments of the developing or urban environment, it makes sense with Android. When you like or configure the elements of the Android operating system, iOS is not available, when you can choose the hardware program should continue or want to completely control all elements of the room and programming.

When you contact our development agency, we will deepen your company, audience and market to help you choose the software development platform.

Starting on both platforms, it is more likely to be an agency with more features and a wider range of visibility. At the same time, our institutional managers on a specific platform with large companies or the world brand to negotiate, began to make sense.

Reason usually changes learning the above elements. Even if the pocket is too deep, the software is not very difficult, it must go through some tests and updates, and then it can become the correct experience for the public.

We are an app development agency with trained developers, engineers, programmers, coders and consultants with decades of experience in the field of science. We will estimate your project and expectations and provide you with a complete development cycle plan.

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  • Safe and fast - development is not fast, lack of privacy or security benefits
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