Custom Application Development Services: Complete Production Cycle, QA and Support

We are the leading developer of innovative custom solutions for large companies and small and medium enterprises around the world. We are ready to start cooperation immediately if you have a great idea to be implemented in the custom software.

What is custom development?

The development of custom apps consists in creating programs for specific clients or companies. These apps are made to meet your needs, unlike traditional and prevalent commercial products. Such solutions are typically created for specific organizations by an internal developer group or a contractual third party and are not revealed packaged.

We offer all kinds of custom application development services to meet the needs of your company.


The advantage of a custom application is that it offers options that are not available in commercially available programs. Developing apps with individual needs in mind means improving productivity.

If you create an application that increases efficiency or meets the needs of your company, you can offset that cost with the resulting result promise. If the needs of your company are unique to guarantee personalized development services, it would be a good option to work as a professional developer to obtain the best solution.

You can buy ready-to-use apps, but customized products require significantly more resources, so the costs and risks are inherently higher. When a company decides to receive custom application development services, it is necessary to consider all costs associated with the production process. The dangers associated with personalized products will vary according to the reason why it was developed. The purchasing staff must be fully aware of their needs and of the final products needed to deal with that work. Although the requirements during the process are common methods, they require an additional cost because they require time and effort. The risk of frequent change may lose the initial scope of the project or the scope of the scope, and may become an inappropriate final product for the original application. To avoid this situation, it is essential to choose the right service provider that can choose the right strategy to minimize costs.

The ready software is a packaged application that can be used by the general public, although there are fundamentally similar needs. For example, Microsoft Word is developed for the masses as a universal solution to meet the diverse needs of many users. It does not correspond to the needs of exclusive entities such as personalized programs. Custom application development services involve researching, refining and launching products tailored to a single client. This software is built taking into account the brand, the infrastructure and the implementation needs of the company, and can only work within that organization.

Custom software is created only for your company, but because the price is distributed among different users, ready-to-use solutions are low cost.

It is not easy to design an application by selecting a contractor. Most SMEs should look for local businesses and choose those that promise the right level of service and price. Such group usually meets the requesting client, assesses the needs and determines the amount of work required to create a customized product.

Developers make an offer to identify how much time and price are related. These offers are slow and expensive to develop in complex projects. Choosing a service provider is never expensive, but it must be the choice of the contractor that is more flexible and willing to work.

Provide a scalable and extensible architecture that guarantees 24/7 availability for global users and minimizes the risk of development.

The company offers personalized and profitable products that help companies to solve functional gaps and efficiently achieve corporate intentions

Provide high quality solutions to customers who need to promote growth, optimize workflow, increase awareness, increase revenue and add great value to business.

We create:

  • Joint digital tools, business software for internal use to optimize the flow of transactions through the administration and automation of accounting systems.
  • First class web application that manages and maintains data in the cloud or intranet hosting.
  • Integrated web application and custom unit to add functionality to existing software.
  • Process automation tool: set of business systems that improves performance by combining data from all the apps used by companies in their own databases.
  • Standard integration of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft's commercial tools ensure complete compatibility and continuous support with your system.

It includes several functions with workflow management tools such as advanced functions, management systems, large databases, complex processes, CMS, CRM, human resources program, accounting system. Our specialists understand the composition of all these solutions both inside and outside. Our developers provide perfect products that meet all the requirements. Whether you need a mobile store, a customized delivery tracking system or a complex business system, experienced teams can find the best solution to meet their own requirements.

Development of mobile apps

Our custom application development studio creates different types of programs to work with all existing mobile devices and handheld devices. We will follow the basic principles of commitment to provide close communication with customers and perfect service.

  • Creation of solutions based on corporate value
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Implement high quality development standards based on solid quality assurance procedures

We provide easy-to-use mobile apps compatible with most modern devices and provide continuous support for the products.

Robust project plan

In many ways, the success of the application depends on the efficiency of the development service and communication with the client, so that the project management of the IT industry has an excellent value. Our team believes that this stage is important because it simplifies many procedures and the deadline is not lost. We can always establish close cooperation relationships between groups of developers and client agents, notify the process and find all the necessary information about the business. Years ago, we developed a Lean strategy to manage and provide customized apps consisting of the following stages.

In this phase, the developers conduct a thorough investigation of all the important aspects of the business and discuss the requirements with the customers. Next, we create an application schema and estimate its cost. There are some basic questions that we are concentrating on this stage

  • Purpose of the application
  • Business model
  • A complete description of the system
  • Development of application architecture
  • Due date
  • Application integration plan
  • Evaluation of resources and costs

Our expert prepares the documentation that explains the development procedure. By resending everything on paper, we can guarantee a complete understanding of the company and the client. The delivery of the project has the following points.

  • Requirements and objectives of the project
  • Range of products
  • Closing the project
  • System design
  • Key experts
  • Asset Management
  • Implement the application
  • Delivery of the project
  • Long-term support

This trial and error process guarantees the quality of the software and can be kept within budget. You will never leave the client after developing and starting the application. We guarantee long-term support, regular updates and various other services for all the products we produce.

Our service goes beyond programming and design, and we maintain products at every stage of the life cycle. Our expert experts will conduct market analysis and consult the customer on how to improve performance even after starting the application. Our company is interested in the success of your project. For this reason, we are not satisfied with the mediocre results. We are a team of application developers that you can trust to perfection.

Why choose us

We have a long-term partnership with all customers. We believe that it is essential to understand the basic principles of the strategy, the development process and the principles of quality control. Excellent products must have important attributes that will make their customers succeed, such as being user friendly, productivity, commitment, vulnerability. Our custom application development service is not limited to the design of custom apps. We offer a wide range of IT solutions that include website development, integration with existing standard and custom software, quality control testing, post-launch support, training service.

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Expert in custom app development

Our trained experts will provide continuous support for each product, such as market analysis, conducting consumer surveys, conducting user reviews, collecting user data, improving the efficiency of the application, It is an ambitious team of experts who love their crafts and always strive for perfection.

Therefore, you can provide enhanced apps for companies that provide IT solutions in the following areas.

  • Improvement of the performance and automation: we develop software that allows the automation of the workflow. Track the location, detect errors, control production, calculate the cost and set the time. In addition, advanced control tools, measuring instruments, accounting systems.
  • Financial management: our customized application provides all the necessary functions for internal audit, budget planning and calculation of operational risk. We are prepared to create apps according to specific requirements, such as an integrated cash management system and analytical tools to finance distribution statistics.
  • Workflow management: business apps are extremely useful for simplifying standard routine procedures. For this reason, each company uses many program tools to optimize the flow of documents and manage daily management tasks. We offer innovative solutions in the field of accounting and content management, different personalized systems of access and exchange of messages and access tools. We also create highly secure databases and store valuable documents and other data.

If you have questions about the process of developing custom apps or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us now.