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We are a mature IT company dedicated to the iOS app design and development of mobile applications, we provide our professional services nearly for a decade and we will be glad to help you in future projects.

The design of iOS is more than it seems. It is how things work. Our development procedure guarantees that you create what you need. We can make sure that the final product is not only visually appealing, but also highly functional and easy to use, providing the results you expect.

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#main9-004 Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.


How to design an excellent app

Designing IOS applications requires certain skills, knowledge and experience. You must follow the guidelines and recommended procedures and you must add new ones that have never been implemented before. This is the way to act here. We have requirements and guidelines to fulfill, but at the same time we have a creative and progressive tendency.

What we want to be a new client is to investigate the area of ​​your business. We want to share communication and ideas by listening to their expectations and wishes. We are always offering multiple solutions to choose the best one for the project. Define the central desire and goal and guide the process of creating the design. What do we want with this iOS app design? After establishing your needs, we are ready to analyze and discover useful technologies to achieve the best results. The last thing we do is brainstorm. This is undoubtedly our favorite part. We have the opportunity to present the most important things to refine the effective plan.

Four steps to the innovative design of iOS

We will better appreciate your company by focusing on the target audience, your thinking, important goals, business needs to explore the barriers to achievement. Our developers are very quick thinkers and innovators, ready to find new solutions and great ideas. If you are exploring our way of making problems, we really want to make you our consumer.

Creating a prototype is absolutely familiar to us. The prototype is an integral part of software development to build a solid foundation to extend future functions. By having basic functions in thinking and understanding the relationships between the elements, our iOS developers create attractive designs focused on the functions that provide the best UX.

It's time to do the real work as soon as you organize the basics. The iOS designer will start creating several structures, animations, screens and reaction buttons for as many elements as possible. We do not want to make a quick prototype in the system and stop the test. Even if the app exists in weapons or live in the store, we can improve that experience.

Our development agency has an internal team of developers and designers, who realize many different things at the same time. Even when developing a UI, we create app icons and visual designs with related movements. Analyze the needs and requirements of the user and investigate the target audience. Our experts use market studies, cases, mental maps and modern cultural trends to discover the user's motivation.

These regulations are an inspiration that we are considering before starting to design all kinds of interactions, whether they are native iOS applications or other software.

We know how to create a good iOS app design

The iOS native UI design does not have a lot of workspace. If you create for small screens, the design of the UI should work with your speed of thought We know how to create an obvious interface for the new participants.

Interaction design rules are always useful

Even if the screen area is not that big, the excellent interaction design rules are still essential for iOS applications.

We know how to develop it for the right user. Audience studies, including questionnaires and interviews, will help you create people who are likely to use the app. This allows you to clarify specific needs and customize the workflow of the app to meet your needs.

This seems to be obvious, but the app should be easy to use. We recommend that you do not use it at all if the target audience has problems using the product. Usability makes the product useful, it is the first step of perfection.

Users must instinctively understand how to use the interface. It has a design pattern by hand. Friendly patterns help new people easily adapt to iOS applications.

The feedback allows the user to know if the product has achieved the mission. Our developers are always ready to update their products to meet the growing needs of the audience.

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User journey

The size of the screen is not the only restriction of iOS development. The user forms the premise of the appropriate interface. Then, the development of the UI of the iOS app driven by steps is to understand the user.

There are three basic strategies to investigate the needs of users.

  • People: people is a fictitious character created from the expected behavior of the target audience. They allow you to decide what to force the user's decision within the iOS app.
  • User scenario: Depending on the situation, it is recognized how the person acts. In the scenario, the designer can create an interface that fully fits the users and the objectives they must achieve.
  • Experience map: designers explore all possible conditions for a unique interaction. Make a map of all the steps of the person that are most similar when using the program on the experience map. They help to recognize all the emotions and opportunities that surround their actions.

In other words, our developers perform usability test sessions during all the major iterations and can see how people use this app in the natural environment.

Improve ease of use with familiar mobile patterns

The design of the app becomes many specific nuances of the device that consist of the disposition, orientation and posture of the thumb.

Our designers are rich in iOS development experience. They will learn the main guidelines of Apple, use them as a reference to facilitate the use and add an infinite creativity.

There are two types of interaction patterns to implement in a complete iOS design.

  • Gestures: tactile gadgets are determined by gestures. Slide, touch, touch twice, pinch and zoom in are the second property for users.
  • Animation: Motion attracts viewers to the interface when adding context. There are differences between the components that disappear and disappear. When the animation is combined with a gesture, the animation adds a certain depth to the UX.

The iOS interaction pattern helps determine the design of common interface elements. For example, the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen are easier to touch with the thumb than at the top.

Special attention to accessibility

The designer of the app design company always thinks about the suitability of each element on the screen. We never forget to leave enough space for the user to touch with the tips of our fingers. If the size of the button was too small or too close, the user could not use it as needed (this is the simplest frustration and the resulting abandonment).

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing various tactile lenses.

  • We hold devices in several ways. There are three ways to maintain a mobile device. On the other hand, press the button with your thumb. On the other hand, touch with numbers. With both hands, touch with two thumbs. There is also a special way to hold the tablet, but the user usually holds the tablet with one hand.
  • Our fingers are fat. Well, there really is not. However, it is actually between 45 and 57 pixels wide and more than the parameters recommended by most guidelines for touch devices. As an example, we recommend an objective of approximately 44 square pixels.

The 44 pixel patterns are not necessarily true. No one wants to design a button. However, we always consider these factors so that the app is easier to use.

Design and development of specialized iOS applications

Our dedicated team of designers and developers is ready to help you with the app design work. There are no problems that we can not deal with. We are proud to have this experience and knowledge to be able to create iOS products of extra quality.

A long list of clients is the result of careful and dedicated work. All new companies, businesses and brands are new and exciting challenges and opportunities to show how we work and achieve even the most complex tasks that will be carried out as teams. There is no limit to the possibility of creation. We want to explore the imagination and create an excellent software that perfectly suits the commercial purpose of the client.

We are followers of the trend and will maintain the most advanced trend in the design of iOS applications. Innovative fashion developers have exclusive experience and extensive experience. Positive feedback, recommendations and a passion for research are the reason why we partner with the UK's leading software developers in the UK and the world.

We intend to strengthen your brand and make your name recognised throughout the world.

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