Mobiles in Drainage Maintenance

One advantage of mobiles has been to improve communication for drainage engineers. Imagine working underground and being cut off from the world above. This can happen to drain cleaning operatives and a mobile can be a lifeline and a certain way of contacting your support team above.
When working on a new drains installation the first item that needs to be addressed are the regulations issued by the Local Authority. Detailed plans of any changing or installing of drainage in your in a domestic premises or commercial site will have to be submitted, and expect ongoing inspections until its completion to ensure that the work abides by the local regulations.
To properly prepare the plans and get local authority permission for the drains services contractor to commence work there is a need to plan the route of the waste pipes before construction commences. The basic thing which you have to care about is to keep the route as straight and short as you can while designing the route of a waste or soil pipe, this will help to reduce the likelihood of blocks. You should not make your pipe runs very steep although some slope is essential. Using surveyor’s site level you can calculate the fall of a drain over a distance to check the values. Or just fill a transparent hosepipe with water and use the water level at the two ends to mark the required fall from the starting point.
When installing your drain trench or a major soakaway, you will need to make sure that you do not impair the stability of the building. You have to make sure that no building foundation is undermined if you are laying a drain pipe running parallel to the building. If you try to dig all the trenches before you start pipe fixing, there is a chance of some trenches collapsing. The pipes should be laid quickly and the trench back filled after the system has been examined thoroughly and tested as required.
Weak soil may require that you shore up the walls of the excavation, particularly for deeper trenches. You should avoid any risks with this project. If you are not entirely confident of the stability of the ditch you should add support. Keep the ditch as narrow as you can but of course make sure that there is enough room to work in the ditch including any plan, machinery or tools you require. Protruding stones or bricks should not be left in the base and it should be cleaned to provide a smooth, regular surface. If the material at the base of the ditch is not appropriate then you might have to bring in new material.
For pipe support do not use bricks or other hard materials in the trench. In fact they should be never used as support as they can damage the pipe as they will focus pressure into a small area. For accommodation of the joints in the pipes,the bedding should be compacted in a regular way with hollows made a appropriate points. The support should be smooth and even, from the beginning of the pipe to its end.
To support the post implementation maintenance, remember that drainage contractor underground in a blocked drain with the mobile for communication? Make sure that your plans are made in such a way that drain rods are within reach of every part of the network of pipes. This need for drain rod access can be easily achieved by keeping the pipeline straight and in short sections. Inspection chambers have to be provided at any abrupt changes of direction or level, so that drain rods can be inserted easily.

Get a great quote

Mobile phones are great for communication, both speaking and quick messages via text. The problem is that a text has a few words and you will want to make an impact so how do you get a great quote into those 140 characters.
When checking the web on my mobile phone I came across a great quotes site which gives me those moments of inspiration. For some girl sayings follow the link to the Girl Sayings site.
What can you expect there? Well some great quotes like:
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When visiting the site I also saw a couple of pointers to two other marvelous quotations treasure troves.
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Third World?

You keep hearing about impoverished Third World countries, who is first, who is second and is there a Fourth World??
I want to help third world orphans, raise money for charities, send clothes etc. any suggestions?
I have a burning desire to help orphans/abandoned children in third world countries. I was wondering if anyone has any information on how I could best do this.
I do not have much money myself to donate, but I wish to raise money for charity, but which is the best one?? Which can do the most with the money?
I have small children so I can’t volunteer at the moment, (although I am looking into it for the future,) but I also have lots of clothes they have outgrown. I used to give them to charity shops here but have since read articles that seem to raise te question of whether or not all the benifits are actually getting through.Therefore, the best stuff I want to sell on ebay, (with profits going to charity,) but does anyone know if there are organisations that will send the other bits, (all good quality, just not named so wont fetch much) directly to the children that need them? I have looked online and have so far only seen projects in the US.
Any help/ideas/info appriciated
I am from the UK. And by ‘projects in the US’ I mean people dispatching goods from the usa. Not projects that I dont want to help.