Our input in mobile app development

Our team has developed and submitted numerous mobile applications enriching both Apple App and Google Play Stores with functional and engaging applications that are taking top places among apps of their categories.


An informative application for value awareness within the company.

Our team was asked to develop a mobile application for a retail company with the purpose to share company’s values with staff members and business partners. We utilised top-notch technologies including iBeacon to create an engaging user experience and ensure simplicity in communication. We let users unlock additional content whether it is images, videos or success stories based on the location, level within the company, and event peculiarities. Seamlessly integrated application increased brand awareness within the company and improved a corporate culture.


Kidney Case

An educational application for medical professionals.

Our task was to design and develop a multi-platform application for mobile devices which could help to deal with Kidney-related issues. The app plays an educational role for junior doctors and those who want to get the understanding of kidney related problems. We strived to make it easy-to-navigate while our customer provided us with tonnes of useful and topic-related information ensuring that it will be clear for professionals who never dealt with this kidney issues


Conference News

An informative mobile application for speakers and conference attendees.

Our client, a conference organiser, asked us to develop a mobile application for conference infrastructure purposes ensuring that it can be reused in different events. So our team faced the task to build a customisable mobile application that provides users with the conference related information. Our team designed a custom CMS that lets app owner implement to the app new modifications on the go providing only relevant information to the users so that conference attendees are always aware of the latest updates in the conference flow. All in all, the platform was developed with a number of future events in our minds so that it ensures long-term applicability.


Package Track

A mobile and web applications for couriers to facilitate their work and track task accomplishment.

Our customer was looking for an IT partner to build a bespoke software that can improve delivery company productivity and improve customer experience. Our developers created a web portal that let company staff improve an efficiency of order placement and for customers to track the delivery progress status. The second part of the work was dedicated to the creation of a mobile application for couriers so that they could select the tasks and form their itinerary list according to their geolocation and let the company and the customers track tasks’ statuses.


City Guide

A travel application for discovering new places in Austria.

In partnership with Austrian web-portal, we have developed a mobile application to make site opportunities available on mobile devices without prejudice to the user experience. The mobile version is offering a plenty of services for web-portal users on the go including functionality of transportation, shopping, restaurant apps. Using web technologies we ensured that app looks native on all the devices while Google Maps API let us facilitate geolocation functionality. The app includes restaurant and shopping guides informing users about nearby places and providing information about their contact information, address, ratings and reviews. The app also uses all webcams in Austria transforming them into a search engine.

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